What to wear this autumn? 5 style tips to keep your look impeccable in the new season!

Autumn is always an exciting time, as the cooler weather allows us to get more creative with our outfits. The autumn 2023 wardrobe trends are also full of exciting and stylish options that you should definitely try.


  1. Suede jackets: One of the must-haves for autumn this year is the suede jacket. It can look good in any colour and instantly gives the wearer a chic look.

  1. Striped patterns: Striped patterns never go out of fashion - it's no coincidence that they play a big role in our new collection: Palermo puplin for our blouse guaranteed you won't be able to resist!

What to wear this autumn?

  1. Autumn colours in all quantities: The colours of nature dominate this year's fashion, which we love!
    Burgundy, ochre and earthy colours are essential for the autumn wardrobe, with sets in different shades of nature. They're great with knits, but also give stiffer fabrics a softness that makes them feel more like your own.

What to wear this autumn?

  1. A belt in every quantity: A belt is an accessory that can dress up any outfit. It helps you to accentuate your figure, making your look really decorative and feminine. As with most accessories, there is of course a huge choice of women's belts, and it can be a little difficult to find your way around at first. However, you need not worry, because if you pay attention to a few simple things, you can easily find the ideal piece for you. First, it's important to know what occasion you're looking for a belt for. It will work very differently for everyday wear than it will for a formal event or a set for a more special occasion. For the latter, more ornate, unique belts can be a winner, while for the workplace, simple, clean pieces are much more preferred.

What to wear this autumn?

  1. Farmer's Piece: Jeans never go out of fashion and they are a big part of the autumn season! Blouses, trousers and skirts in all quantities!

What to wear this autumn?


Our round-up makes it easy for you to create your own autumn wardrobe and step out in style. If you're still unsure, visit us at Allee Shopping Centreand our style advisors will be happy to help you find the pieces that suit you best and that you can use in your everyday life!

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