Sewing tips for all body types to make your look irresistible!

In the mornings when we plan our outfits, we often forget that belts play an important part in the overall look. Not only are they practical, but they can also be stylish accessories that further accentuate individual style and highlight the body shape. In this article you will find out which belts suit different body types!





    • From alma for those with a smaller build (wider abdominal area), it is advisable to wear accessories that distract attention from the area in question. It is therefore recommended to avoid wider belts and instead thinner types hordani.
    • A pear because of the specificities of the body (hips wider than the bust), it is recommended to choose a dress with a higher waist and a with a striking belt accentuate the narrow waist. It is not recommended to wear a wide and pronounced waist belt, as this will only draw attention to your already wide hips.
    • A hourglass (hips and bust are about the same size) is the most proportionate type, in which case almost any belt will fit the look perfectly.
    • A rectangle build (waist not pronounced) is often called "boyish", which is why it is really recommended with feminine beltto decorate the costume. It is worth using an accessory that highlights the hips and breasts.
    • A inverted triangle (bust much larger than the hips) are recommended for wider belts, which can even out otherwise "skewed" ratios.

So belts can do a lot to improve your dressing style, and choosing the right belt for your body shape can help you feel more confident in your clothes. Remember that personal style and comfort are also important considerations, so it's worth experimenting and finding the belts that best suit you and your unique style.

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