Part 1 - Women's body types: which one do you belong to? The 5 main body types

Often we don't even know the answer to this simple basic question, but it's a huge help to looking stylish and looking good. 

To see immediately what to include in your shopping bag and what to avoid, you need to be aware of what you have. There are basically 5 body shape types and it's easier than you think: From X a V, from A, H and the O.

The "X" character characterised by curved hips, slim waist, soft shoulders, balanced proportions between upper and lower body. This is also known as the "hourglass shape". It is said to be the epitome of male desire: big breasts, wide hips, narrow waist.

The "V" body shape main characteristic is that the upper body is more pronounced than the lower.
This can be caused by wide shoulders compared to the hips and/or large breasts, or narrow hips and thin legs. This is called a boyish build.

The "A" body type women (the reverse of the "V" type) have narrow shoulders and wide hips.
Here the lower body is more pronounced due to the wide hips. There are also square and round versions. The rounded type has a more curved silhouette: rounded shoulders, rounded hips and shapely, full thighs.

For the "H" subcategory is characterised by a silhouette that is not particularly curved, i.e., while the difference between the hips and the waist is at least 30 cm in the case of the "X" type, the waist is at most 15 cm narrower than the hips in the case of the "H" type. The waist is slightly more curved in the softer version. Those with an 'H' shape who are very thin are also called 'I' shapes.

The "O" type women with a focus on the centre of the torso, wide hips, bulging abdomen and wide waist. Although they are overweight, as you will see, they look pretty if they choose the right clothes.

If you still can't put yourself clearly into one of these groups, here's a little help.

Measure your waist where it is narrowest, your hips where they are widest. And to find the circumference of your breasts, connect the two ends of the tape measure at the top of the breast.

  • Type "X" breast and hip size are nearly the same (e.g. 90-60-90).
  • If the size of the breasts is much larger than the size of the hips, then Type "V" we are talking about (e.g. 105-60-80), but beware, the bust size may be small but the shoulders are very broad, even if Type "V" we are talking about.
  • If the hips are wider than the bust size (e.g. 88-73-100), then Type "A" the likely.
  • For type "H" the difference between the three sizes is relatively small (e.g. 85-70-89).
  • Type "O" also have a small size difference, but this is not due to a wide waist, but to a big belly. To make it clearer, if the "H" types turn sideways and see themselves in the mirror, they see a relatively flat bottom, small breasts and a flat belly. 
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Our style advisors will help you get started on your journey of self-discovery, taking into account the latest trends and helping you find yourself in the world of clothes. Based on a number of factors (e.g. hair, eyes, skin colour, body type), they will identify the colours, shades, fabrics, patterns and styles you should choose when shopping for clothes, and those you should avoid.

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Author: by Samu Krisztina Mazsi

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