Dress code lexicon - For women, or the dress code types you need to know!

What if I am underdressed? I don't want to overdress. Okay, I'd rather not go! - the phrase is uttered more than once. But here's a little help to get you out of the habit of putting together a look for an event like you would a recipe for a broth.

Some people have a problem with restrictions, some people find it very helpful, but in any case, let's be aware of the types of dress code you can find on the invitations to different events and of course look at examples.

Casual dress code

An almost redundant category straight away, and most likely
this is the most rarely seen mandatory attire on an invitation, because if the event is so casual that you don't have to specify the attire, it's easier not to include it, but I didn't want to leave it out.

The casual rule covers casual, casual dressing, that is, any street clothes we feel comfortable in. If you're lucky, you can wear it to work too, because more and more companies are recognising that dressing comfortably leads to better work.

 You can show off at casual your individual style while feeling comfortable in your clothes. You don't need too much jewellery or high heels, but you should also dress up this outfit with accessories that match your style. A cool handbag, a belt to accentuate the shape or even a colourful scarf is perfect.
Here's a classic casual combination:  denim T-shirt, comfortable shoes, a loose scarf, earrings, watch, necklace.


Smart casual

Smart casual has become the one of the most commonly required dress codes, the reason for this is that it gives a relaxed, informal yet elegant look
, so it is often used for dinners, corporate events, casual meetings and even as a wedding dress code. For me, I'm pretty sure everyone comes to my wedding wearing whatever they want, and one thing is a must, sneakers. Sun bathing, wind blowing....maybe I've digressed a bit, back on topic.

Let's put together a smart casuel outfit. The basis for this can be a pair of jeans with a lot of goodwill, but if you insist on a T-shirt with a loose fit, you can also colour blazer to be thrown onto bring the smart casual. The category can handle a more elegant blouse with a skirt. Going back to jeans, well opinions are divided as to whether they still fit into this category, but I admit the final decision is the nature of the event at hand. At home, most smart casual events can fit in jeans, but never ripped or torn jeans. My proposal is a body-fitting, darker coloured piece. This relatively simple set is worth sprucing up with a few finishing touches. Choose one of the following pretty but comfortable shoes, and for the shoes leather belts and bags in matching colour and style.

Author: by Samu Krisztina Mazsi



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