Part 2 - Women's body types and matching Noōr outfits

The moment has come, drop the centimetres because you already know exactly what body type you are, there's nothing left to do but get dressed.


Recommended for "V" body shapes:
The aim is to shift the focus from the shoulders or large breasts to the hips.

Recommended wear:

T-shirts, sweaters with dropped shoulders

bell skirts or barrel skirts, "Trousers "A" line

for long, shapely legs the mini

stole, scarf to cover part of the shoulder

To be avoided:

-blouse with puffy sleeves, 

leaving the shoulders free, or a narrow shoulder strap solution, possibly a boat neck as it emphasises and strengthens the shoulders

baggy tops that "hide" the thin waist

tight skirts or trousers, unless the hips are enriched by a sophisticated garment (e.g. a shawl)

Colours and shapes:

 where we want to widen the shapes, we use cross stripes, cubes, larger patterns

diagonal or longitudinal stripes on the shoulders and breasts are recommended for this shape

feel free to use the possibilities of colour: light colours enlarge, dark colours reduce


-long chainswide belts

-If the "V" shape is combined with sufficient height, feel free to use large, striking earrings

larger bags are also a good addition to the "V" shape

Recommended for "A" body type:
The aim is to shift the focus from the hips to the shoulders. You can make the waistline look smaller with a soft skirt or trousers. It's important to emphasise the waist, so you can draw attention to the part where the torso is narrowest. If you have a short waist, skip the belt and opt for a bust under the bust.


Recommended wear:

shoulder padding, because it broadens the shoulders

boat neck, because it optically widens the shoulders

slightly flared "A" skirt at the waist, straight leg trousers

a blouse pulled at the bust, because it makes the breasts look bigger

scarf, stole on the shoulder, because the properly arranged material widens the shoulder

To be avoided:

pleated skirt, barrel skirt because both widen the hips

miniskirt, because it widens the hips and makes the thighs look short and chunky

tights, because they emphasise the hip line

a hip-high top, because it draws attention to the widest part of the body

patterned tights, because they create a robust thigh and leg

 Colours and shapes:

In contrast to the "V" type, in the "A" type we use cross stripes on the upper part of the body, in light colours, because we want to enlarge this part. On the contrary, we try to make the hips and thighs smaller, or stretch them with darker colours and longitudinal stripes.

Avoid patterns around the waist and hips, save this for the upper body. Rounded shapes are more suited to angular patterns, so polka dots, apart from pinholes, should be the dressing embellishment for slim, tall women.

If your legs are not long and thin, the tights should always be the same colour and never lighter than your skin, because light colours also strengthen the legs.


-High heels

scarves that plump the upper body

larger chains to strengthen the upper body

Recommended for "X" body type:
The aim is to show as much of the so-called hourglass shape as possible and to maintain the natural balance between the upper and lower body.It's important to emphasise the narrow waist, as it looks much fuller without it.  The "X" is lucky, as any garment will look good on it if you follow the one rule above.


Recommended wear:

fitted tops 

wider blouses, sweaters with belt

there are many skirts to choose from for those with an "X" shape, whether pencil or A-line, fitted or pleated. 

the trouser legs can be tubular, straight or trapezoidal, the hip shape accentuates the slim waist

you can choose from a wide range of dresses, the best one is the one that follows the body line or fits close to the waist
To be avoided:

it's a big mistake for the "X" to choose a straight-cut T-shirt, blouse or dress that hides the waist

the proportions of the body can be upset by too many curls, needles or folds


belts, in any quantity, to accentuate the thin waist

a square bag is a good accessory for rounded shapes

the full bosoms and V-cut tops are accentuated by the shorter chains

 Colours and shapes:

"X" shapes can choose between patterned tops and bottoms

if you want to enhance the overall effect with slim legs, you can go for slimming striped, geometric or tiny patterned tights.

Recommended for "H" shapes:
The aim is to make straight shapes softer and more curved. To make the hips wider, the breasts larger and the waist narrower.


The "H" (as well as the "V") body type gives room for fidres-skirts, which broaden the hips and give a feminine hip.

 The "H" shape is usually combined with long legs, which allows the wearing of miniskirts.

And if the leg is too thin, you can go for patterns and bright colours. So I definitely envy the "H" shape!

 Recommended wear:

shoulder pads, to widen the shoulders

blouse with buggy sleeves

boat necks

blouse pulled at the bust

T-shirts with neck straps, dresses

scarf, stole on the shoulder to make it look wider

bell skirts or barrel skirts, "Trousers "A" line

 To be avoided:

tight skirt or trousers

form-fitting clothes

be careful with the belts, choose darker colours to make the waist look narrower


trinkets, big chains, earrings

lace, ruffles

larger, non-square bags

scarves in all quantities

Colours and shapes:

Ladies with an "H" body type can feel free to use all kinds of patterns and shapes in their dressing. 

Recommended for "O" body shapes:
The aim is to make the waistline look slimmer and to hide a pronounced tummy. If your breasts are disproportionately large, a well-chosen shoulder padding can help. The length of the dress should not be above the knee, as this makes the legs look narrower.


Recommended wear:

square shoulder padding

tunic, with a drawstring under the bust or with a flared neckline

straight leg trousers, which lengthen the leg

A-line or under-bust dress

To be avoided:

high-waisted skirts, trousers

tight miniskirt, short

short tops, especially if they are tight

cross stripes, larger patterns, bright colours

- patterned tights


colourful chains for every occasion

larger earrings

colour bracelets
Colours and shapes:

the longitudinal stripes lengthen and narrow the figure

dark colours are also beneficial for people with an "O" shape

darker coloured clothing is brightened up by colourful accessories


Author: by Samu Krisztina Mazsi

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