Introducing the Noōr team

Emese: This is one of my favourite parts, because I love talking about the team. I believe that a big part of Noōr's success is working with people who embrace the brand.


Judit the senior member of the team. From the very beginning, he has been present in the day-to-day life of the business. He helped me to get used to it, as I had no commercial experience.
Judit is the person who has all the answers to your questions about Noor. And thanks to her sense of beauty, we have entrusted her with our entire social media presence, which is no small feat, because we are present on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and we can be proud of all of their platforms in terms of numbers, presence and content. We have him to thank for the look of our amazing website or even the colour schemes in the store, his marketing coordination is essential.
Let's simplify! This is my right hand.

Mazsi the number one face of our brand. She first started working with us as a model and later joined us as a sales leader. Her arrival and her fun and engaging personality gave us a new impetus. As a content producer, Judit has been instrumental in helping us grow on Insta and Tiktok. She strikes a chord with all of our customers and quickly develops a trusting relationship with her friendly, approachable personality. Discovering a new side with us, it quickly became apparent that she can dress up any body type with the dexterity of a professional stylist.

Betti an important member of the team. In sales, he has the drive, patience and kindness to all people. She has a good sense for recommending and helping customers choose the right clothes. In addition to her positive personality, she is committed to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and has tricks and practices to nurture body and soul, a real recharge to spend time with her!

Erika has recently joined us, which we are very happy about, as he brings an extra boost to our everyday life with his energetic and dynamic personality. Besides, she also has her superpower, her speciality is colour coaching. This service has become very popular lately and I am very grateful to have a specialist in this field on my team. Customers are very happy to receive Erika's helpful advice on colour and style. 

 The Noōr team is an overarchingly selective community , which is essential for progress. We place particular emphasis on making everyone feel equally important to us. We value and support our colleagues. Yes, there is something to be said for a team's unity being shown by the weakest link, but we can say that there is no gap in the shield. 

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Noōr brand - Designed for confident, unique women, the pieces are simple in cut, comfortable, with great attention to quality and uniqueness.

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